Sustainable Levi – Outdoor Etiquette
Feel Levi ilma vaellus nainen

Sustainable Levi – Outdoor Etiquette

The enchanting nature of Lapland is easy to enjoy with the following instructions.

1. Respect nature

Keep your pet on a leach when you're out in nature. Observe animals and their young from a distance, especially during the breeding season. Give space for plants too. Do not stack stones on the tops of fells, but do not dismantle existing rock piles either. Share photos and videos responsibly on your social media channels.

2. Mainly use marked trails

To minimise wear and tear on the natural environment, try to use only marked trails. Be aware of any restrictions at certain time periods. Be also respectful of other hikers, nature lovers and other people's yards.

3. Camp only where it is allowed

Find out where you are allowed to camp and follow existing guidelines and rules, for example when staying in wilderness huts. Leave space for other campers. Do not wash up or wash yourself directly in the water to avoid bacterial infections.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed

Campfires are only allowed in the wild with the permission of the landowner, so use only maintained and marked campfire sites. Use trees sparingly and also take care to put out your fire carefully. When there is a wildfire warning, lighting campfires is prohibit.

5. Do not litter

Leave no trace when you are enhoying the great outdoors. Do not littet. Whenever possible, try to pick up any litter you see from others.


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