The best golf in town
Keskikesä golf

The best golf in town

In the most northern golf course in Finland you can play even in the middle of the night.

Record: six rounds

In 2015 a Korean golfer played 6 full rounds in 24 hours on the Levi course. He was able to do it because the sun never sets from the beginning of June to the end of July. Even in August the days are long and there is light from morning till late in the evening.

I REMEMBER when I played the Levi course for the first time. I hit the ball into the water hazard and was surprised to be able to see it in the bottom of the river. I was used to the cloudy waters in Helsinki. You cannot find the ball there. Here the purity of nature and the clear waters are unbelievable. During summer nights, when the sun never sets, there is a special kind of atmosphere. It is easier to play here because the nights are not windy. Something is absent, the sound that is usually there during the day: tranquillity has fallen over the course.

Tomi TolsaCEO, Levi Golf

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