An unforgettable adventure by bike
Levi tunturi pyöräily maisema

An unforgettable adventure by bike

10 reasons to experience an unforgettable adventure above the Arctic Circle.

1. Stunning fell views

Levi's biking adventure offers stunning fell views and breathtaking scenery during the summer and fall. Biking offers unforgettable experiences and memorable moments surrounded by Levi's fells.

2. Levi Bike Park

Levi Bike Park offers great facilities for bikers of all levels. The Gondola2000 lift takes you to the top of Levi, where you will find routes ranging from easy green to challenging black routes. There are also enduro routes available.

3. Mountain biking

During the summer and fall, you can enjoy a wide range of routes, with great opportunities to experience the midnight sun and autumn colors. The tour around Levi fell and the many trails of the Kätkätunturi are local favorites, but the area's dense network of trails invites exploration to discover new favorite routes.

4. Bike rentals

There are several bike rental shops in Levi where you can find the perfect bike for yourself and your family. The Bike Park rental shop offers downhill and enduro bikes with protective gear, and guidance on biking techniques if needed.

5. Levi services

You will find all the services you need for your holiday in Levi village, including accommodations, restaurants, shops, and activities.

6. Midnight sun

From the end of May to mid July, the sun never sets, so you can enjoy the sun's rays around the clock. This time is excellent for mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities, as there is enough light throughout the day. During the midnight sun, nature comes alive in a way that leaves visitors speechless. Beautiful landscapes and natural sounds feel intense, and you can feel like one with nature.

7. Biking with a guide

Guided bike tours are also available in Levi, where local guides will take you to see the area's most beautiful places and teach you new techniques for cycling.

8. Nature experiences

In Levi's summer nature, you will see colorful flowers such as buttercups, cowslips, and cranesbill. On your trip, you can also spot rare species such as Lapland's cowslip and various orchids. The area's wildlife includes moose, reindeer, hares, foxes, and various birds. You can also pick wild berries like bilberries during your trip when they ripen in late July. In the fall, leaves change color and landscapes become colorful. During the peak of autumn colors, Levi's nature is truly beautiful and multicolored.

9. Midsummer

The midnight sun and the opening of the summer season make Levi the perfect Midsummer destination. It is during Midsummer that Levi Bike Park opens for the biking season, with various trails already open. During the same weekend, it is also possible to participate in the Midsummer Jam and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the ski crowd. The snow park is built near the Gondola2000 lift. Biking, skiing, and beautiful landscapes make Levi an excellent Midsummer destination.

10. Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest 13.-22.7.2023

The event combines exhilarating outdoor activities, endurance riding, and enjoying nature. Throughout the week, Levi's steep descents challenge bikers as they compete for the Finnish downhill mountain biking championship and enduro mountain biking Finnish championship points. Ylläs-Levi MTB offers kilometers of perfect mountain biking bliss. Endurance enthusiasts can also challenge themselves in the Levi Extreme Triathlon, which features four different distances. Participate in competitions, join guided tours, or rent equipment. The program also includes guided technique clinics, including those focused on downhill mountain biking.

Biking in Levi is an unforgettable experience for bikers of all ages and skill levels. Here you can find stunning scenery, routes for every taste, and a relaxed atmosphere. Come and experience the joy of biking and surprise yourself with amazing adventures!

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