The opening of the ski season – first time on the slopes
Levi front slopes skier

The opening of the ski season – first time on the slopes

An anticipatory atmosphere. Soon we'll be on the slopes again, winter is almost here!

It's Friday morning. Even though I've prepared in advance, I'm a bit nervous. Are all the equipment with me? I'm on the move early. Too early, in fact; the door to Zero Point hasn't even opened yet. In a short while, I'll be inside.

I sense the atmosphere of the place. Murmurs and smiling faces. Many familiar ones, but even more unfamiliar. All united for a common purpose – kicking off the anticipated, new ski season. Among the first, witnessing the marvel of the season's opening.

I wait for a moment at the ticket booth. I exchange greetings with acquaintances. Soon, I have the lift tickets in my hand. With them, I put on my ski boots and step outside.

My skiing buddy sends a message, saying she is just arriving. Soon, she appears, excitement radiating from her face. We high five – here we go, this is going to be great!

In the lift, we reminisce about the final runs of the past winter and the best moments. It's been five months already. There's a tingling sensation throughout my body – memories of the past and the anticipation of what's to come. Pleasant company, a beautiful sunny day. This is the best part of this sport.

At the top station of the lift, a moment to adjust the gear. The first turns are a bit shaky. The slope is in excellent condition. Soon, we're gliding down with speed. I've missed this.

An hour later, we're already celebrating the season's opening at the après-ski. A donut and hot chocolate serve their purpose perfectly. The action is over, the body calms down. The mind still lingers in the anticipation of the season's opening. I wonder what the winter has in store for us.

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