We move Levi with full heart - The Development and Ideology of the Levi Ski Resort
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We move Levi with full heart - The Development and Ideology of the Levi Ski Resort

The Levi Ski Resort is a unique place within a distinctive service hub. Here, one can find snow-covered trees, stunning panoramic views stretching to the horizon, and slopes and trails catering to enthusiasts of various sports throughout the year. However, everything is done out of love for the sport and the fell. The fell and its services are developed with great passion, while respecting and cherishing the delicate Arctic nature.

The fell is dedicated to moving and sports

Skiing activities have been practiced in Levi for 60 years, since 1964, and Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd was established in 1976. During this time, the fell has seen significant development in terms of slopes, lifts, and services, both in winter and summer seasons. The motto of the Levi Ski Resort, "We move Levi," also encapsulates the ideology of developing activities. The ski resort aims to create excellent recreational and training facilities for local residents and visitors, allowing them to enjoy an active lifestyle and movement in the Arctic nature throughout the year.

The Levi Ski Resort is constantly considering how the fell can better serve and provide high-quality experiences. Decisions regarding investments are made based on customer experience and feedback, with a continuous focus on sustainability.

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"In 2020, we began by asking questions: what Levi represents as a ski resort, what customers think of our offerings and services, what role we play in the ski resort landscape, and what areas need improvement. At the same time, the ski resort also received ISO 14001 environmental certification, which greatly defines our work on the fell," says Marko Mustonen, Commercial Director of Levi Ski Resort.

"Levi Ski Resort is an investment-intensive company. A significant portion of our profits is used for investments and development. At the center of our focus is a comprehensive customer experience, including skiing, cycling, infrastructure, services, and digitalization. We can confidently say that we are at the forefront of innovation and development in the world. The ski resort also collaborates closely with alpine and snowboarding clubs, cycling clubs, and national team athletes to ensure that different areas serve a wide range of enthusiasts, whether they are beginners or professionals. Service development is strongly supported by the ski resort's own employees, the majority of whom are passionate downhill enthusiasts aiming to create fantastic conditions and recreational facilities for both locals and visitors. It is also important for us to provide employment opportunities for local residents, as this contributes to creating a more vibrant region together," says Jouni Palosaari, CEO of Levi Ski Resort.

Seven months of snow, five months of snow-free time

The winter season of Levi Fell, located in the Arctic region, lasts about seven months. The focus of development remains on winter, but all changes and developments must also serve the snow-free period, summer season. The fell is modernized step by step, always aiming to incorporate the latest technology.

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"Levi is the most developed ski resort in Finland. We respond to our customers' needs and develop excellent slope conditions in a high-quality and sustainable manner. We primarily develop and modernize existing areas by, for example, implementing more efficient automatic snowmaking and LED lighting, which saves energy and makes our services more sustainable," explains Marko.

"Our challenge is, of course, the short window of opportunity in Lapland's summer, during which major changes can be made. It requires careful planning of which projects to start, as we have many needs for development within a short timeframe. Every year, we also develop summer services at the same pace. Our goal is to make it easy to move around the fell, whether skiing, cycling, or using ski buses, for example. Our service ideology is based on the principle that no matter where you are on the fell, you can always reach the top, and services are nearby," summarizes Jouni.

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