Levi fell turns green
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Levi fell turns green

The Levi Resort app automatically updates after the winter season ends to delight summer visitors with a green fell covering, offering a wide range of summer activities and services.

The Levi Resort app provides customers with comprehensive information about the fell and its services to ensure a successful mountain experience. In addition to being an information channel, the app also features the Levi Black customer loyalty program, which complements the app in a unique way.


The app's unique 3D map with location tracking covers the entire Levi fell and its surroundings. The user experience of the app offers real-time information on, among other things, Bike Park trails, summer lifts, bike rentals, adventure parks, activities, shops, and restaurants. With the app, you can also view the mountain's situation via live cameras and follow mountain weather reports.

With the app, you can pre-purchase tickets for summer lifts, Bike Park, adventure park, summer sled track, and Gondola's motorhome stopover, as well as rent bikes. Loyalty points earned during the winter can also be used for summer services. Loyalty customers also receive current discount coupons for summer services.

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