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Green tips to Accommodation

Green tips for your staying in Levi

Boost your energy and physical wellbeing outdoor – reduce your energy consumption indoor!

Get into the holiday mood and enjoy the comfortable hotel room or pleasant cottage you’ve settled in! And it is easy to do so yet saving electricity.


Dress warmly also when indoors. Woolen socks are a far more pleasant choice than the fake tropical conditions created by radiators.

Should you feel too warm, lower the temperature of the room, or talk to the maintenance service in charge rather than open the windows. Air the premises quickly.

Close all doors and windows when you leave the accommodation, including all interior doors. Avoid hanging around at the entrance, so no excess heat is lost.

In summer use the air conditioning only when you are in the room - empty rooms do not require cooling.

Switch any equipment left unused or in stand-by mode. Remove chargers from the electric sockets after their use.

The heating in your accommodation may shut down if the sauna is left on for many hours. Switch the sauna stove off promptly after using it and avoid leaving the heated sauna idle unused.

A sauna at 70-80C degrees gives the most pleasant steam. Joining your friends and family in the sauna is fun and at the same time saves energy! 

TIP: A cold radiator often means that the room has already reached its appropriate temperature - about 20-22C degrees. A hot radiator in turn may mean that there may be some draught and that the electricity may be going to waste. If the radiator glows hot, please check that all windows and doors are closed.

The drying cabinet should be used at a maximum temperature of 40Cdegrees for an hour at a time, checking to see if the equipment has already dried.

During the wintery freezing spells, 1-2 hours are generally sufficient to warm your car engine heater (in petrol cars).


Levi’s tap water is clean groundwater and most surely one of the tastiest tap water in the world!

It is a fact that there is no shortest of water in Finland! Yet, heated, wasted water consumes energy. Saving water is always the most environmentally friendly option.


When you compared it to a bath or a long shower, a few minutes refreshing shower saves hundreds of litres of water. Turn off the tap when applying soap or shampoo.

Fill your trekking bottle with fresh tap water.

Cool your drinking water in the refrigerator, thus avoiding long periods of running water.

Always fill up dishwashers and washing machines and commit to use environmentally friendly detergents. It is worthwhile using the machines’ shorter, cold-water, and eco-washing programs.

At hotels, use towels and bed sheets for several days. This conserves water and reduces the amount of detergent that is released into the nature.

TIP: You can indulge in longer water games in the Spa pools, in addition to swimming in the beautiful lakes in summer!

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