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Tips for holiday home owners

Sustainability tips for holiday home owners

Dear cottage or holiday home owner!

Visitors are increasingly looking for sustainability in their travel and accommodation. These concrete tips will help you to make climate and environmentally friendly choices in your accommodation and to promote the sustainability of the tourist area as a whole.

Five quick and easy actions for sustainability

1. Green electricity

Switch your electricity contract at your accommodation to green electricity, i.e. electricity generated from renewable energy sources, to reduce greenhouse emissions and save natural resources. You can easily reduce your annual carbon dioxide emissions by up to the equivalent of driving from Hanko to Nuorgam, from the southernmost point of Finland to the north.

2. New lighting solutions

Replace the old incandescent light bulbs and halogen lamps in your accommodation with long-lasting and energy-efficient LED, smart, energy-saving or eco-halogen lamps. By replacing just ten old halogen bulbs with LED light bulbs, you will save around €500 over their lifetime.

3. Adjusting the hot water heater

Check the settings of the hot water heater and radiators in your accommodation regularly to ensure optimal operation and temperature. By lowering the temperature of the hot water heater to 55°C from 80°C, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

4. Temperature control

Ensure that the heating thermostats in your accommodation are working at the beginning of the heating season to ensure comfort and efficient use of electricity. By lowering the indoor temperature by one degree, you can save around 5% in heating energy consumption.

5. Checking the seals

Regularly check the condition of the seals on the windows and doors of your accommodation to reduce unnecessary heating. By sealing your windows and doors properly, you can reduce the amount of heating you need.

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