In freezing temperatures and during inversion, it's worth heading up to the fell
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In freezing temperatures and during inversion, it's worth heading up to the fell

Weather reports can surprise you in the fells: Why is the weather often milder in the fell than down in the village? Explore the inversion phenomenon, making the fells a refuge from harsh cold, and discover winter skiing tips with the Levi Ski Resort App.

Weather forecasts and observations are usually made at ground level, and that's why fell areas may have significantly milder weather than what is predicted in the forecasts.

Why do fell provide a refuge from extreme cold?

In the atmosphere, the temperature generally decreases by about 6-10 degrees Celsius for every kilometer of ascent. However, in winter frosty conditions, the opposite happens in the atmosphere, where the temperature rises as you go up. This peculiar phenomenon is called "inversion" in meteorology. In the coldest of frosts, the temperature difference can be 10-30 degrees, and it is specifically due to inversion. The strongest inversion situations occur after calm, clear nights.

So, don't cancel your skiing day on the coldest days; instead, take the lift up to the higher areas of the fell, where the weather is milder.

The Levi Ski Resort app helps you keep track of the weather

You can find the latest information about the fell, including hyper-local weather data, on the Levi Ski Resort app. The 3D map shows you the entire fell, open ski lifts, weather information all around the fell, ski bus schedules and locations, not to mention the Levi Black loyalty program and much more!

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