Can we go cross-country skiing in Levi already?
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Can we go cross-country skiing in Levi already?

Yes you can! Now, just before Christmas, we have about 50 km of opened and maintained skiing tracks. Other skiing tracks are still waiting for a bit more natural snow for the snow-machines to be able to maintain them.

Finns are a nation of skiers and one huge part of winter is skiing along well maintained trails. At its best, Levi offers 230 km of maintained ski trails and 28 km of lit trails amongst varying fell scenery. Trails at Levi are opened as soon as the snow situation allows and for this we need a little helping hand from mother nature herself. The first snow track is within snow cannon range. This trail that is situated near Levi Golf and north-eastern slopes was opened on October 7th with the help of stored snow and snow cannons. Other skiing trails at Levi will await their official opening until there is a sufficient amount of natural snow for maintenance machines, especially on marshlands and river crossings.

Please use our free ski trail map, which covers the whole skiing trail network and its services. Opened trails and routes are shown clearly in the electronic map. With it you can easily plan your own skiing trips, check the maintenance levels for that date, as well as opening times and locations of ski cafes. If needed you can also purchase a paper skiing trail map (10€) from Levi Tourist Info, which is located on the left hand side of the Sirkka roundabout as you arrive to Levi from the south.

Varied and well maintained skiing tracks at Levi are well suited for those just starting skiing as well as for true sports skiers. Levi’s comprehensive skiing trail network offers options for traditional and freestyle skiing. We have not forgotten those who ski with their dogs either; Levi has a wide variety of dog skiing trails where you are more than welcome to bring your furry friend with you to enjoy the great outdoors.

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