Skiing in Levi from morning to night throughout the winter – Even though daylight hours are short in midwinter
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Skiing in Levi from morning to night throughout the winter – Even though daylight hours are short in midwinter

The majority of Levi's slopes are illuminated. Slope lights are turned on in the morning and switched off when the slopes close in the evening.

In the heart of Lapland's midwinter, the days are short, and natural light illuminates the slopes for only a few hours each day. Yet in Levi, skiing continues from morning to evening throughout the winter. How is it possible? Can you ski in the dark?

You can ski in the dark – with proper lighting. And Levi has it.

On dusky days and dark evenings, skiing can be a magnificent experience. Slope lights illuminate the slopes, enhancing the safety of skiers, while the surrounding landscape radiates pastel shades, intense blues, or deep midnight blues. The slopes are lined with spruce trees covered in fresh snow, and from the top of the fell, there's a vast, calming view. On cloudless nights, the stars twinkle in the sky, and you might even witness the Northern Lights dancing.

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Almost all slopes have lights

The majority of Levi's slopes are illuminated. All slopes within the snowmaking areas are also lit. The lights are turned on every morning, no later than half-past nine when the slopes open, and they are switched off when the slopes close.

Only the natural snow slopes, adjacent to lifts 5, 7B, and 12, remain unlit. These slopes don't require lights because they open as the winter progresses towards more daylight, and they close before darkness falls. In many cases, a lit slope provides better visibility than skiing in daylight. The lights help to distinguish the shape of the slope and the varying snow surfaces.

The brightest lit slopes in Levi are the ones used for competitions and athlete training: West Slopes G.2, W.2 and W.3, and the Front Slopes.

Half of Levi's slope lights are LEDs, and the remaining older lights are gradually being replaced with LEDs as the slopes undergo renovations.

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Trail lights illuminate cross-country ski tracks

Even cross-country skiers don't need to navigate in the dark in Levi. There are approximately 28 kilometers of illuminated cross-country ski tracks in Levi.

During the darkest seasons, trail lights are on from 6 AM to 11 PM. These lights are equipped with dusk sensors, so they remain lit during the daytime when natural light is scarce.

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