Summer in Levi
yötön yö tunturilla

Summer in Levi

Levi's Summer is full of action!

Summer midnight sun - autumn colours and Northern Lights

The magical summer of the north is worth experiencing as you enjoy the Midnight Sun in Levi. You can see the Northern Lights in the sky starting from August and the amazing array of colours in the fells in September.

Stay comfortably at Levi also in summer! We put together an offer package for the summer, price for 2 people / 3 nights from 300 €.

There is a lot to do in the summer and during the bright nights, you can feel the serenity of nature while watching the sun shining in the sky. Everything starts turning green and plants start sprouting right in front of your eyes. Temperatures in June range from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Have a unique beach holiday in Levi in July 

Daytime temperatures range from 20-25 degrees Celsius in July –  this is when Lapland’s summer is at its best. Levi has two lovely beaches and a third one in Kittilä, where you can swim and enjoy the cool water of the Ounasjoki river. Levi offers various water activities, quite exotic experiences in the wilderness lappish scenery! Stand-up paddle surfing, rowing and canoing in the fell scenery spark joy into your soul!

The 24-hour sunlight won't set limit to what you may like to enjoy and going to sleep may not seem like an option while the sun’s golden light invites you to come outside and play!

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Family holidays in Levi

It’s not just the adults that get to enjoy themselves; the kids get to enjoy Levi in the summer too! The Activity Park activities by the Gondoli2000 lift guarantee fun-filled days regardless of age under the Arctic sun and surrounded by fells. The Activity Park has an Adventure Park, traffic park, and game arena for football, basketball, and floorball. You will now also find a trampoline park, a pump track circuit, a skate park, a mini-golf course, and a tennis court at Levi’s Activity Park!

A memorable summer sled track experience for the whole family can be found on the Front Slope. The frisbee golf courses in Levi’s fells are open 24 hours a day, and the B1 frisbee golf course is suitable for families.
The Express and Gondoli2000 lift also transport you where you’ll see Levi’s stunning scenery when there’s no snow. The lifts are also suitable for people with prams or wheelchairs. Children under 6 years old travel free of charge in the lifts when accompanied by an adult.

Spa in Levi is open all year round

Levi Spa, pools, and saunas are staying open also during the summer months, so you might go swimming even if the weather would not be giving its best. Gym and workout classes will be running all summer too.

Mountain-biking in Levi

Levi’s off-road cycling season starts as soon as the snow melts, i.e., in June. There are tracks of different lengths around Levi and Kätkätunturi peak, where you can enjoy Lapland’s scenery and forest paths. The Levi Bike Park opens on Midsummer’s Day, and all tracks open in July. You are sure to find the right track for you as you will find a selection of tracks ranging from easy to the more challenging tracks, all surrounded by stunning colourful landscapes. Best of all, you can rent the best bike that suits you, whether you want to rent an electric bike, a mountain bike, or a downhill bike. Read more about biking in Levi.

Enjoy your golf holidy in Levi

Finland’s northernmost 18-hole golf course is located in the scenic area between Levitunturi and the Ounasjoki river. The Taalojärvi lake inside the course brings an additional challenge to the game and splendour to the golf course environment. With more than 93 acres of land, the varied playing field is quite intriguing for golf players. You are often accompanied by reindeer who come to the playing field to enjoy the breeze of the wind and where mosquitoes don’t like hanging around. Read more about Golfing in Levi

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The beginning of the Northern Lights season and autumn

As summer fades, the harvest season soon begins, and you can collect the fruit that has ripened under the Midnight Sun. It is still summer at the beginning of August in Levi. However, autumn starts at the end of August. The magical Northern Lights begin to appear as the night sky starts to darken as early as the end of August. Many people think the end of August is the best time to see the Northern Lights. The temperature ranges from 10 and 20 degrees Celsius in August.

Autumn starts in September, and its bright colours offer a breathtaking experience, the ever-changing colours of the trees and the earth under your feet. Autumn is a beautiful time to hike in the fell; this is when the most beautiful blueberries, bilberries, and bearberries are found. Enjoy the fresh air outdoors during the day when temperatures are around 5 and 15 degrees Celsius in September.

Hiking at its best

The hiking season begins once the snow melts and lasts until October-November hence until the first snow arrives. Whether you are looking for a shorter walk or a route of several kilometres, Levi offers what you are looking for! The weather is pleasant in June and nature displays a lush bright green. The weather is at its warmest in July and why not hiking at night: walking under the Midnight Sun it’s a memorable experience ! In August, you can pick delishious berries and eat them straight away while you’re on your hike. Everything starts changing colour in September, paiting the trees and the ground in wonderful shades of red, yellow and orange.

You can easily see Levi’s hiking tracks on either a digital or hard copy version of the track map. Levi Tourist Information can help you find some nice routes. 

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Midnight sun magic in Levi