MTB Enduro at Levi Bike Fest
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Bike & Outdoor Fest - Enduro

MTB-Enduro National Championship

The Mountain Bike Enduro national championship cup race will be held in Levi on July 26.-27 2024! Enduro is the most versatile sport in mountain biking. In transitions, the sport is lift and cross-country riding and in special stages full speed action. The versatility of the sport attracts a lot of enthusiasts and as a form of competition, enduro is suitable for many!

- The Enduro Championship competition was held in Levi for the first time in 2016 and since then the race has established itself in our competition calendar. Magnificent landscapes and long routes that vary in terrain are unique to the riders who tour the series, says Sauli Hjerppe, who runs the enduro SM series.

MTB enduro, is a fast-paced and challenging sport that fascinates many, especially thanks to its technicality and the routes that emphasize the rider's eye. In order to succeed in enduro, a rider needs not only good basic condition but also bike handling skills.
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