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Zenja Potapov - Snowboarder

Zenja Potapov - Snowboarder

Snowboarder and park lover Zenja Potapov has made a name for himself with his awesome tricks and homemade videos. Zenja is part of the Levi South Park Team Riders and snowboards in Levi's terrain parks almost every day during the winter season. Zenja is from Narvik, Norway,  where he delivered newspapers around the block for a year at the age of 12 and bought his very first snowboard with the money he earned.

Zenja’s first visit to Levi and Finnish Lapland was when he was 17 years old. Back then he lived in Kiruna, Sweden, and had been attending to a snowboarding school. The school organized trips to Levi and Zenja came to Lapland for the very first time. He fell in love with Levi immediately and he felt as though he had come ‘home’. The atmosphere and the magic of Lapland made this place very special to Zenja.

While snowboarding at Levi, Zenja made a video about his tricks at the terrain park, which happened to pop up in the eyes of Levi Ski Resort staff. The video made such an impact that Zenja was asked to join as a member of Levi’s South Park Team Riders.

Zenja's dream and goal are to stay healthy, learn more about himself and the others, and to be able to do sports as long as possible. Of course, Zenja also wants to develop into an even better snowboarder, and also inspire others to improve their skills.

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BORN 1995, Russia/Norway


BEST ACHIEVEMENTS To be chosen as a Levi South Park Team Rider. The deal with Nitro USA, VANS and Nordic Oil. Also being part of the snowboard videos that have been made during his career.

FAVORITE PLACE IN LEVI The fell of Levi and own house.

HOBBIES Skateboarding, yoga, beatboxing, gymnastics and making content for media, like videos.

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