Bar Ihku
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Bar Ihku

Ihku in Levi has the best party in the fells since 2009. People come to enjoy the Karaoke Bar that is open almost every day. The downstairs nightclub has dancing late into the night with DJs and party bands. Ihku in Levi is already a legend!

The story of Ihku takes us all the way back to Finnish Lapland where the first Ihku was founded 2009. Why “Ihku”? It means in the night in Saami, the original Lappish language.

Our stages feature famous artists and Finland’s premier party bands, but karaoke is something that we are all proud of. Ihku is the trendiest Karaoke Bar you could dream of where everyone can be a star for the night. Whatever your heart desires, whether it is spending time with friends, singing like Elvis, or drinking tasty beer and fine cocktails, you can rely on us. Come and experience the craziest after ski parties or feel the music in your body on the weekends!

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