Pointsi Oy
Pointsi Oy

Pointsi Oy

We are a company established in 2021 that implements personnel services and project assignments in several industries.

Personnel rental and recruitment hotel, tourism and restaurant industry as well as IT and project management.

Training service occupational safety, occupational safety, occupational well-being, chatGPT and customized work community trainings, supervisor trainings and team change management training.

Lapland's HORECA experts: Travel service designer/guide, event organizer, ski instructor, customer service worker, hotel cleaner, receptionist, office worker, assistant, waiter

EDUCATION services -ChatGPT, occupational safety, well-being, first aid card and our other professional courses customized -Customized first aid trainings for different operating environments, in cooperation with Kova Gear Oy -operation as an individual and in a group, establishment of a first response team and training, operation in various accidents, situation and initial assessment, treatment protocol, evacuation, follow-up measures, cooperation with authorities, treatment of emergency and trauma patients, seizures, multi-patient situation, tactical first aid, PPE-D, safety advice, modular equipment solutions

Why us?

__Expertise __

  • The founders have a strong international background in managing various business operations and strategic changes
  • Extensive experience as a supervisor and expert

Motivation, enthusiasm, desire to develop and create new operating models to improve employment

Years of experience in the implementation of assignments, dozens of transactions opened through public competition