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Riitta-Liisa Roponen - Cross-country skier

Riitta-Liisa Roponen - Cross-country skier and Wolrd Championship medalist

Riitta-Liisa "Ritu" Roponen is a freestyle cross-country skier specialist, who has represented Finland eight times in World Championships and five times in Olympic Games. Right now Ritu is getting ready for the next racing season, which means she is a common face in Levi's ski tracks. For her, cross-country skiing and training isn't only a job: she also truly enjoys working out and being outside. 

If it weren’t for cross-country skiing, Ritu would not have been able to explore the wonderful places around the world. Her most memorable journeys around the world have been racing trips to Island, Japan and South Korea as well as unbelievable experiences and beautiful places in Russia and United States. She has also been able to get to learn about different cultures from other training camps in Europe.

Ritu enjoys outdoor activities in nature and the beautiful Lapland makes her speechless time after time. She loves the diversity of Levi as a cross-country skier as well as a holidaymaker. According to Ritu, Levi has something for everyone: from peaceful ski tracks to more dynamic trails. 

The multiple World Championships skier will be training at Levi this winter and she will be seen in many ways in Levi's social media. You can also follow her training journey at Levi on her own social media channels.

levi ski resort roponen

BORN 1978, Haukipudas

LIVES IN Haukipudas.

BEST ACHIEVEMENTS Bronze from 4 x 5 km relay at Vancouver Olympics in 2010. Also several gold- and bronze medals from 4 x 5 km relay's in World Championships between 2007 and 2015. Silver from women's team free sprint in World Championships 2005 and gold from the same sport in 2007.

FAVORITE PLACE IN LEVI Own cottage of course. I also visit Utsuvaara every time we come.

HOBBIES Running around with the dog, reading, movies, baking and hanging out with friends.

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