5 syytä antaa Visit Levin rakentaa täydellinen loma
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What should I do in Levi? If you need help planning your holiday, the professionals of Visit Levi are at your service. You can book almost any accommodation and activity in Levi through Visit Levi and organize your entire holiday with a single contact.

Sales Team Lead Katja Rauhala and Head of Marketing Maija Palosaari at Visit Levi know Levi like the back of their hands. They’re used to organizing anything in Levi that tourists have thought to ask from a fellside wedding to personal chefs and all sorts of active holidays.

“The only things we haven't been able to arrange are helicopter and hot-air balloon flights in mid-winter. The winds and the darkness can make them impossible. Otherwise, we can make just about anything happen”, says Maija Palosaari.

Rauhala and Palosaari hope that more tourists would seize the opportunity and ask Visit Levi to organize their entire holiday. They listed five good reasons for this.

1. Everything with a single contact

Visit Levi has the widest range of services in Levi. You can book your accommodation from 750 holiday apartments and eight hotels. The selection also includes the products of 70 local programme service providers. There are not a lot of services in Levi outside these figures.

“The customer can save time by not having to contact many places. We receive a lot of feedback saying how great it is that we can arrange everything”, says Katja Rauhala.

Tourists can book an entire holiday on the website of Levi, but if you need individual assistance (e.g., conferences, various groups, stag and hen parties), you can send your wishes by e-mail to the sales team: sales@visitlevi.fi.

2. Best local knowledge

Everyone working at Visit Levi lives permanently in Levi and knows the region well.

“We understand how much time it takes to travel a certain distance, how long it takes to drive, e.g., from the ski school to see the husky dogs. This makes it easier to plan the schedule”, says Katja Rauhala.

Local knowledge is also useful when couples getting married in Levi ask for help with wedding planning. The staff can make even the most unusual wishes come true, because they know the people and all the service providers in the region.

“We create lovely wedding packages. This autumn, many couples got married on the peak of the fell, and once we even built a snow altar on the fell”, says Maija Palosaari.

Wedding receptions can also be held in the form of a dinner in a hut, enjoying delicacies from Lapland, or a dog sled safari or a snow hotel. There are numerous unforgettable wedding night venues, such as special accommodation options with glass ceilings.

3. Customized programme for every budget

Katja Rauhala and Maija Palosaari get excited about customizing holidays for all kinds of groups and needs. The sales team helps customers realize all the options that are available.

“We have some special products that many customers never even think of. Various options have been created around wellbeing, such as horseback yoga, drum relaxation and testing your wilderness skills at Lake Hukkajärvi”, says Palosaari.

She also points out that Visit Levi builds holidays for budgets of all sizes.

“We can create the perfect holiday for every budget when you choose the right season. The rates are highest around Christmas and New Year, whereas you can save money by coming here in October and January. Even the prices of activities vary: some use their own skis on the slopes, whereas others rent superior-level equipment and a personal instructor.”

4. Possibility to revel in world-class luxury

It’s worth remembering that Levi is a luxury holiday destination for many foreign high-end travellers, and Visit Levi is used to organizing holiday packages that even millionaires prefer over Bora Bora. 

“Customers can arrive here on a private jet, and we’ve organized a 4–5-day holiday for them at a luxury villa where they have a personal chef and an outdoor hot tub. Their personal host accompanies them throughout their stay and helps them experience a wide range of wonders”, says Maija Palosaari, giving an example of the services.

Luxury travellers often want to experience reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris, the sauna culture and northern lights tours, just like everyone else, but they experience them privately without other travellers. These holidays often include artistic experiences as well. All this is also available for Finns who yearn to spend a luxury holiday, through Visit Levi.

5. Proceeds go to entrepreneurs in Levi

Visit Levi is the regional organization of Levi, the beating heart of the village, that manages the marketing of the entire region. It also includes the Central Booking Office and Tourist Information of Levi, and Lapland Productions, a subsidiary that organizes various events in Levi. 

“All the proceeds from the business of Visit Levi benefit a wide range of entrepreneurs in Levi and are spent on regional marketing”, says Maija Palosaari.

“The money is always circulated for the good of the entire region of Levi.”

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