How To Plan Your Levi Trip In 10 Simple Steps
Winter holidays

How To Plan Your Levi Trip In 10 Simple Steps

Here are our best tips to help you to book your dream holiday. Boost your stay in Levi by being well prepared, and don’t be shy to ask our local tourist office for more tips and advice.

1) Book early!

If you want to travel to Levi during the high-season, which is from 15th of December to 6th of January and weeks 8 & 9, book your accommodation about one year in advance.

Book your Levi holiday stay here. Book Levi holiday excursions here.

2) Stay longer

Lapland has a special atmosphere and it is best conveyed when you also have time to just be, doing nothing. Listen to the silence and follow the life of Arctic nature. The longer you stay, the better your chances are of seeing the Northern Lights, for example. We therefore recommend a minimum stay of three nights. And a longer stay is more sustainable traveling.

3) Enjoy eight different seasons

Levi is a great place to visit any time of year. Lapland has eight magical seasons and they are all different.

Reindeer rides and husky safaris are available throughout the winter. If you like alpine or cross-country skiing, then the best time to get on your skis is from January to end of April.

During the months of June, July, and August, the days are long and the nights short, even non-existing north of the Arctic Circle, where you get the midnight sun. The Lapland summer weather is often quite stable, and the temperatures are pleasant to experience the incredible summer activities.

Autumn is a season of wonders. The landscape turns red and yellow, and the forests abound with berries and mushrooms. Between end of August and late March, the Northern Lights frequently soar across the sky. Often autumn is the best time to capture them when the land is dark and there is as little scattered light as possible to disturb the view.

4) Your home away from home

There are lots of cabins for rent in Levi. Do as the locals and enjoy the quietness of nature on a cabin holiday yet close to services. They all are well equipped with a common living area and kitchen for cooking. And of course, every cabin has its own sauna.

On the other hand, the hotel is carefree option with ready meals served to you. Hotels come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Choose between luxury or boutique hotels, good standard hotels in the village, family-friendly hotels and ski-in / ski-out hotels.

5) DIY versus tour operator

Our reliable tour operator partners offer comprehensive experiences that are easy to buy. By making the reservations yourself, you will get the trip tailored for your party.

At Visit Levi we will be happy to help you plan your trip. We offer accommodation and activities throughout the area.

6) Things To Do In Levi

Each day of your holiday in Levi can be sparkled up by a variety of activities: skiing, biking, snowmobile driving, reindeer and husky rides, visits to the farms, the Northern Lights, horse riding, fishing, and hiking. These are just some of the many experiences Levi offers.

If not included in your package, book your excursions through our webpage or visit us at our Tourist Information located in Levi centre (Myllyjoentie 2).

7) What to wear?

Lapland weather is liable to change from day to day, so bring a selection of clothes that you can layer. That way you can add or remove layers depending on temperature. During the winter, you will need at least a woolly first layer, a mid-layer to keep you warm and an overcoat and trousers to keep the chill and wind away. Scarf, gloves, beanie and warm shoes or boots with thick soles are must haves.

In Levi you can rent all kind of snow sport equipment, such all kind of skis, snowshoes, snowboards, fat-bikes and e-fat-bikes as well as winter clothing and shoes. If you travel to Levi with a tour operator, a warm overall will come with your trip package.

8. Foodie tips

Food is an essential part of a holiday. Once at Levi, you won’t be left hungry. There are around 60 restaurants and a total of 15,500 seats, so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find your favorite, Levi has plenty to choose from. During the most popular weeks of winter and spring, we recommend booking in advance.

Most of the restaurants provide local specialties and traditional dishes, but international options are also available. Levi has a variety of bars, pubs and clubs as well. And everything is within easy approaching distance. During the winter days, take a nice break from the activities and enjoy a traditional classic winter snack: a hot chocolate and a donut!

9) Levi´s Services

Levi’s village has all the services you need during your holiday. Grocery stores, pharmacy, medical services, clothing stores, rental shops, gym, cinema, hairdressing services, a liquor store, car repair shop and service stations. A great variety of bars and restaurants as well as a swimming pool and spa – perfect for unwinding after a day out in the fresh air, which by the way is the purest air in the inhabited world. All within walking distance.

Check the opening hours here.

10) Try to understand the natives

Understanding the language will help you along a great deal, not least due to the sympathy you'll elicit from the locals, who are only too happy to help a visitor out. Finnish is often regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn but don´t let this information scare you! Even little children in Finland can speak the language!

This short word list will give you a firm foundation.

  • Hello = Hei

  • Excuse me = Anteeksi

  • Yes = Kyllä

  • No = Ei

  • Food = Ruoka

  • Drink = Juoma

  • Receipt = Kuitti

  • Bill = Lasku

  • Thank you = Kiitos

  • See you = Nähdään taas!