The effect of the skis on skiing comfort
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The effect of the skis on skiing comfort

Have you ever wondered what effect the choice of skis has on your skiing technique?

You can find suitable skis in our rental shops, whether you are just getting to know the sport or a more experienced skier. When renting, you don't need to do research on ski turn radius, torsional rigidity, or know what rocker means. We have done it all for you and we know how to choose the tools that are right for you, with which you can get the most out of your skiing. If you want to know more about the subject, the employees of our rental shop will be happy to help you!

Many have surely heard how shorter skis are easier to ski with. To a certain point, this is true, but a ski that is too short can also make it difficult to use. In a short ski, the surface area of the snow decreases, so more balance is needed to stay up. In the rental shop's standard category, the stiffness of the ski is optimized for beginner skiers, making the start of the sport as pleasant and easy as possible.

The skis of our rental shop, as well as the boards, are regularly serviced and they are always adjusted to suit each rider. Our selection is also frequently renewed, so by renting you will definitely get equipment with the latest features.

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By choosing the right skis, you can also improve your skiing technique. By choosing skis with slightly different features, you also have the opportunity to develop your technique. For example, softer skis do not make it possible to increase speed and the stiffness of the ski may run out while your technique develops - at this stage, it is worth considering whether different skis could be helpful in developing the technique. Another good option for developing technique is, of course, the themed training offered by the ski school.

In the rental shop, you can also find skis with different features for many different skiing techniques and performance locations. Whether you're skiing on an icy slope, riding features in the park, or want to try out our freeskiing and turn your skis on soft powder snow, you can find the appropriate equipment in our rental shops. Don't forget to tell the staff at the rental shop about your wishes, so we can help you choose the skis that exactly suit your wishes!

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When you end up choosing equipment from the superior category, you have the opportunity to change skis and try many types of equipment. This can make it easier, for example, when purchasing your own ski, testing different kinds of skis, and finding the most suitable skis for your own skiing style. You can read more about different types of skis here. On the other hand, if you know that you will ski only a few times during the winter, purchasing your own skis is not always necessary, as you can always find the latest equipment in our rental shops.

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