Where are you? Download the Levi Resort App to share your location
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Where are you? Download the Levi Resort App to share your location

Did you know you can share your location with friends in the revamped Levi Resort app? And that's not all! The redesigned Levi Resort app also records lift rides and you can see how many ski runs you can done. Clever, isn't it!

The Levi Resort application has been revamped and there are now many new additional features in the application that will benefit you. As we already mentioned, you can easily share your location with friends. At the end of a day or vacation, one often has to wonder how many ski runs have you done? Now that information too is immediately available to you in the app. Set up a race with a friend or yourself!

Levi Black Loyalty Program

One important element of the Levi Resort app is the Levi Black Loyalty Program, where you can sign up. As registered Levi Black customer, you now receive profitable discount coupons through the app every month! And if you are tired of receipts, you will recover E-receipts from your purchases. At the same time, you can see where you have accumulated Levi Black loyalty points. Cool!

 The Levi Resort app makes your skiing day easier. In addition to the new features, the app still features an interactive 3D slope map, up-to-date information on area services, hyperlocal weather information for the fell and extensively customizable alerts for opening and closing of lifts and slopes, and slope cameras.