Levi Medical Centre Bene

Levi Medical Centre Bene

For a cost-free telephone evaluation of the need for treatment 24/7, please call 0400 80 8804.

We are Levi's oldest medical center with over 20 years of experience in the provision of quality healthcare. Prompt diagnosis of injuries and illnesses is the rule, due to our highly skilled staff, trained to respond to the acute health care needs of trekkers, vacation makers, and those of our community members.

We specialize in the treatment of various slope and other winter sports injuries. Our orthopedist-led urgent-care department is open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. We have x-ray facilities on site and in use whenever the clinic is open. Casts for fractures, crutches, rehabilitation devices, short term wheelchair rental for the duration of your stay, are available as needed and a clear follow-up care plan is always prepared during the same visit.

We also treat general medicine patients . Both scheduled and urgent care appointments for general medicine physicians and general medicine specialists are available.

We following rapid tests are available: CRP inflammation marker (fingertip prick) Strep A [swab] Covid-19, both antigen and PCR tests are offered [swab] Urine analysis [dipstick]

Bene Medical Center - Levi is open every day 10:00-23:00 and for walk-in patients up to 18:00, after which you must book an urgent care appointment by calling 0400 80 8804.

Bene Medical Center is located opposite the LeviMarket on the ground floor of Alpine House Address: Leviraitti 6 99130, Levi

Leviraitti 6, 99130 Sirkka