Accessible tourism in Levi

Accessible Levi

Accessible tourism in Levi

Accessible tourism is about making tourism services accessible and enjoyable for all. In the design and construction of tourist destinations, services and experiences, the aim is to provide accessibility without barriers, taking into account the needs of all people. In addition to ease of movement, factors such as noise, lighting and signage have a major impact on the accessibility and ease of experience of facilities and services.

In addition to disabled people, accessible tourism aims to take into account the needs of children, older people and people with sensory impairments. Accessible tourism will be seen as a better and more accessible service for all concerned.

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Accessible accommodation in Levi

Hotels with accessible accommodation in Levi:

  • Break Sokos Levi: 2 rooms 29 m2, no sauna. Located in the main building.

  • Design Hotel Levi: 1 unit on reception level

  • Hotel Levi Panorama: 1 unit in the main building.

  • Levi Hotel Spa: 6 standard family rooms for 2-4 persons, hotel building in Sammal, about 30 m from the reception-restaurant building. The rooms have shower/toilet facilities: seat opening from the wall, grab bars, shower curtain instead of shower tray, wider doors (note: there are thresholds). Accessible rooms are located on the ground floor of the Sammal Hotel building.

Accessibility and suitability for disabled people is also taken into account in the accommodation offered:

Accessible restaurants in Levi

Restaurants in Levi that take accessibility and desabled people into account:

Other accessible services in Levi

Levi has accessible services and services for disabled people:

Accessible routes and activities in Levi

Easily accessible routes and activities near Levi.

  • Levi's Peak Trail. Access to the Gondoli2000 lift to the top.

  • Karinnokka bird tower and pavilion in Kittilä: wheelchair ramp to lower level of bird tower.

  • Pallasjärvi Punainenhiekka: an easily accessible and short route to spectacular scenery.

Accessible activities offered by Levi's Leisure Service companies.

  • Reindeer herding, husky rides, Northern Lights & snowmobile tours, Samiland visits, gondola rides are just a few examples of the wide range of activities available in the area.

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