The construction of the Levi Six chairlift has started

The construction of the Levi Six chairlift has started

A new, state-of-the-art six-person chairlift will be built on the Northeast Slopes of Levi by the start of the 2024-2025 winter season. Among Levi's summer investments, a Skill Park is under construction next to the magic carpet lift at Levi Bike Park, and the mini-golf courses at Levi Activity Park are being renovated.

Construction of the Levi Six chairlift, which will be built next to Levi's golf course on the Northeast Slopes, kicked off briskly at the end of the winter season. The dismantling of the old T-bar lift began on May 2nd, and groundwork started during the first week. Several excavators and other heavy machinery are already operating in the vicinity of the 6-lift. At the lower station, rock drilling is underway, while concrete foundations are being poured at the upper station. The target for completing the upper station foundations is on week 25.

Due to the construction site, the Draivi Trail route at Levi Bike Park will be completely closed during the summer, and the Ice Age Trail walking route in the fell area can also have some changes during the summer.


Among the summer investments, the Levi Ski Resort has commenced construction of the Gondola Skill Park next to the magic carpet lift at Levi Bike Park. The Gondola Skill Park will be a beginner and family-friendly area where biking experiences can be gained on easy routes. Routes will also be built next to the magic carpet lift in the forest area adjacent to the Gondola, in the old adventure park area. The Sunny South flow trail, constructed last summer at Levi Bike Park, will be completed during this summer. Additionally, the miniature golf courses at Levi Activity Park will be renovated over the summer.


The summer construction sites are marked with fences and tapes, and for safety reasons, access to these areas is prohibited.

Levi Ski Resort is carrying out excavation for construction work at Levi Six chairlift con on weekdays klo 7:00-20:00. Noise and vibration arise from mining, loading, and construction site traffic. The noise level is estimated to be approx. 97 dB, when the distance from the work site is approx. 10 m. The closest objects prone to noise and vibration are the Restaurant Draivi and the Levi Suites apartment hotel, approximately 100 meters away. The intensity of the vibration is measured with vibration meters.

For more information, please contact Levi Ski Resort's Managing Director, Jouni Palosaari.

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Levi's summer sled track and Adventure Park activities will open on 14.6.2024. The Levi Bike Park and Gondola2000 lift, with its spectacular views, will open on 21.6.2024.