Electric adventures amongst the fells: The fantastic trip on the Ylläs-Levi route
Marita Ylläs-Levi

Electric adventures amongst the fells: The fantastic trip on the Ylläs-Levi route

One gets to enjoy the rugged and changing scenery of Fell Lapland while biking along The Ylläs-Levi MTB route.

The Ylläs-Levi MTB route has solidified its status amongst MTB bikers. Maria Nyqvist, known from motorbike enduro, has made a total change to e-biking. First time Marita biked the Ylläs-Levi route was after the Levi Midnight Enduro Finnish Championships partial race.

-The best thing about this route is the scenery, just wonderful fell scenery. I also really liked the narrow path along the slopes of Lainiotunturi leading to Pyhäjärvi, which snaked through dry pine forests dotted with roots, tells Marita Nyqvist.

-The parts that were technically most challenging are about half way along the route. Experienced mountain bikers can bike this route and those with less experience can always push their bike through the most advanced parts.

-I biked it with my own e-bike. E-bikes let you save some energy when needing to go uphill. I highly recommend using an e-bike for this route, especially if you have not done long distance on normal bikes before. If using a normal mountain bike, you will need more time and will definitely end up pushing your bike in certain parts. If i was to bike the route with a normal mountain bike i would take more breaks and the rhythm would be different, says Marita.

Breaks create rhythm for the journey

It took Marita approx. 3,5 h to bike the whole route. Along the route she took one longer stop at the kota at Pyhäjärvi, where she ate and enjoyed the feelings created by the route so far.

- It was wonderful to notice that along the route there are good places to take breaks in with kotas and toilets. If i biked this route more casually i would take more breaks since now we kept our speed up more, says Marita.

Ylläs-Levi route can be biked in either direction. Along the route one will find many maintained fireplaces, and toilets are located at Kotamaja, Pyhäjärvi and Merkkinen/Kätkä laavu, depending on which side of Kätkätunturi is used at the Levi end.

History of Ylläs-Levi route

Ylläs-Levi MTB route was opened on 18.07.2015 as part of a biking event held at Kellokas, the nature centre at Ylläs. During the opening one could bike with a group from Ylläs to Levi lead by Mikko ”Peltsi” Peltola, a patron for Finnish national parks. The first ever official Ylläs-Levi MTB competition was held 30.07.2015.

The longest hills to climb along the Ylläs-Levi route are Kukastunturi at Ylläs, and the edges of Homevaara and Pyhätunturi.

-When biking in the south of Finland there is no need to worry about rising elevation. Here in Lapland, it has to be taken into consideration since the hills can be very long. Here I will only head out on an e-bike, since then I’ll get further and enjoy the whole riding experience more, says Marita.

Marita Nyqvist’s first encounter with the Ylläs-Levi MTB route was an unforgettable adventure.

- Remember to take some food with you and don’t start at full blast. Have plenty of time so that you can enjoy the scenery along the way and take breaks, guides Maria Nyqvist.

Facts about the Ylläs- Levi MTB -route:
Difficulty mid-range, changing topography
Length 57,4 km
843 metres uphill
Duration 3-6 h
Highest point 572 m 
Lowest point 189 m
Starting and ending location at the Ylläs nature centre Kellokas

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