The renovated Leevilandia - Fun winter playground
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The renovated Leevilandia - Fun winter playground

Leevilandia, a top destination for children and beginners in the South Slopes, has undergone a fantastic transformation with many new additions.

Leevilandia has expanded its area, and there is now more ski slope area to enjoy!

As a new addition, there's the poma lift 2 with its fantastic new lighting that you'll notice right away. Leevilandia, which is a paid area, you will now find two covered carpet lifts and a poma lift for skiing and snowboarding lessons.

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The slopes are suitably gentle, and it is easy for a beginner to learn and develop as a skier.  The soft stick slalom allow you to hone your skiing skills. The beginner groups of the ski school also practice in Leevilandia.

Balancing and playing in Leevi's playground

In Leevilandia, you'll also find a new area called Leevi's playground. Here, you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as a game field, various balancing elements, a jumping track, a drawing table, and much more. In addition, Leevi's playground is a cozy place to enjoy your own snacks, and it has restrooms.

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Sledding and Muksutupa

Leevilandia offers fun activities like sledding and snow tubing on inflatable rings, and you can borrow equipment for these activities. The staff at Leevilandia organizes guided weekly programs featuring various snow games, outdoor fun, and friendly competitions. Leevilandia also has a campfire spot for enjoying your own packed meals.

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Get ready to enjoy unforgettable moments and snowy adventures at Leevilandia this season!

Entry to Leevilandia area:
- Free entry with a valid ski pass
- Without a ski pass, the Leevilandia area daily ticket 12,00 € / a day / per person
- Under 4 years old free entry with an adult with a valid area ticket

Children under 6 years wearing helmets ski-free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ski pass. 

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